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Vat no 175804195
AL10 8HB
Tel: 0757 713 2634

ECT Distribution specialise in the manufacturing and distribution of stainless steel shower drains. We have a huge variety of pre-made products, but also have the ability to produce custom drains & drainage solutions to domestic and commercial properties alike.

If you are a large scale industrial property fear not, we also specialists in creating inventive and cost-effective drainage solutions for big industry.

Take a more in depth look at some of our services:

Drainage Services

Tile insert channel shower drains
Wall shower drains
Stainless steel drain traps
Floor gullies
Industrial drain floor drains
Floor drain
Channel Shower drains
Shower drains
Stainless steel furniture
Stainless steel drain doors.

Metal Working Services:

Engraving and Laser Marking
Laser Metal Cutting:
Structural steel
Stainless steel
Other materials
Hydraulic press bending 3000mm
Guillotine cutting 3000mm

We’re serious about drains at ECT Distribution which is why we’ve been dedicated to updating our production environment to keep up with the current times. We’re recently acquired a 3030 Trumpf Laser Cutting machine which has allowed us to expand our product and service range into in the stainles steel processing industry.

Our large scale drainage solutions for industry have been used in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industries as well as hospitals, restaurants, other manufacturing warehoues, hotels and many more.

All our drain openings are fitted with staineless steel grills and can use any number of deposit retention systems, drain traps and more to ensure that what drains off, stays drained off.

Over the years we’ve kept pace with the development of the chemical and food industries so that no matter how advanced the industries get, our drainage solutions keep up with them by way of new product acquisition as well as current machinary development.

We are one of the current leading manufacturers to industrial and civil construction industries for water drainage.

All of our drains, custom made and pre made, are meeting the hygiene and quality standards set by the E.U. and confirm by the PZH Certificate from Warsaw.