700 mm Linear wet room drains systems

For every shower room or wet room, an efficient shower channel drain system is a must. Our linear shower channel drains with grates are an exemplar of this useful accessory. We at ECT Wet Room Solutions offer a large variety of linear drains grates styles and sizes.

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Our linear shower channel drains are best for shower rooms and wet rooms. Economic, Standard and Premium class linear drains are available.

The linear channel drain is well-liked by plumbing professionals, bathroom designers and property owners. Most of the people who acquired this linear floor shower channel drain system with trap didn’t report any kind of set up problems. Basically the wetroom drain system is quite simple to set up, clean and maintain.

  • The linear drains are made by 304 stainless-steel.
  • The linear floor drain grate is manufactured with top 304 stainless material.
  • The outlet for the Premium Class drainage system is made by 304 stainless material.
  • The outlet for the Economic & Standard Class is made from plastic.
    The shower channel drain trap is made by 304 stainless material.

Linear floor shower chanel drain Longevity:

Without question stainless-steel is definitely long lasting and is particularly capable of withstand a large amount of force, pressure and also the regular rigors of each day abuse. This kind of durability is one of the great reasons why it really is perfect for floor shower room drains and wet rooms drains.

Non-corrosiveness tile insert linear floor channel drain:

The stainless material is non corrosive, and it is thus one of the most very best materials that may be used in a wet-room or shower room environment, especially if one intends to set-up linear floor drainage, shower grates and wet room drains. It’s non corrosive capability helps make it resistance against oxidation, while its tile insert finish really helps to stay away from the accumulation of hard water deposits.

Visual high quality:

There is something certainly leasing to the eye concerning the reflectiveness as well as the shine of this floor linear shower channel drain with highest quality designs that should always win over you because of its top quality.

Tle linear wet room drain set includes:

  • Lid Which enable tile top option;
  • Shower channel drain ;
  • Stainless steel drain fitting which can be cleaned from above;
  • Flange;
  • Stainless steel drain trap;
  • Plastic drain outlet for Economic & Standard Class;
  • Stainless Steel drain outlet for Premium Class.

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