Linear stainless-steel shower drain with grate and 500mm flange

Linear 100% stainless steel shower drains with 9 grates models and stainless steel siphon

The stainless steel shower drain is a low profile linear floor drain specifically designed to provide the best waterproofing installations. The product is made by 100% stainless steel material, have a 5 years guaranty and is coming with all components needed.

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Additional Information

Class Premium Class
Grate stainless steel
Tile insert frame: No
Channel frame: stainless steel
Height to the flange: 65 mm
Lenght: 500 mm
Width: 75 mm
Diameter Φ: 40/50
Siphon: stainless steel
The set includes: channel+grate+siphon
Delivery time: Next working day
Outfall Φ No
Warranty 5

Additional information

Lid model

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